It’s not just about CAD

Consilium Technical Services are a nationwide leader in CAD drawings for Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) Design. Working with leading TM contractors such as Chevron, HTM and DTM amongst others, Consilium have very quickly cemented themselves as one of the most reliable, high quality TTM designers in the UK.

Consilium provides TTM designs for urban & rural roads, dual carriageway & motorways anywhere in the UK using the latest industry software available.

TTM drawings can be produced on Ordnance Survey layouts for site specific scaled design or a schematic layout for a more generic use.

With an established TTM design reputation in place, it can be easy to overlook the diversity of their services.

So, if it’s not all about CAD design, what else can Consilium Technical Services offer?


With vast experience in static works (Type 12A) down to simple give & take (Type 12D) schemes. Consilium can help and advise you on how to best carry out your scheme, from infancy in the ECI stage right through to project completion.

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

Using the latest industry software, Consilium can show the predicted manoeuvre of vehicles of any size for any site scenario. Whether it is for a new proposed road layout or to show that the proposed TTM design layout will work, they can provide a swept path analysis to back up both their own designs as well as the clients’.

The specialist software can also be used for presentation purposes to show the vehicle in a live animation. This could help to back up the design, both permanent and temporary for winning contracts.

Road Markings

  • Are you designing a new car park? Perhaps a Temporary Traffic Management Scheme that requires markings?
  • Consilium can provide drawings for new or existing permanent road markings for any type of road layout.

Construction Sketch Conversion

  • Consilium can also help clients who do not have the CAD experience or software to convert any hand sketched designs into CAD and supply in PDF format.
  • All drawings are supplied to their clients in PDF format making it easy for transferring and printing.


  • Do you need plans or a drawing printed? Consilium provides companies in civil engineering, temporary traffic management and a whole host of other highways services with printed versions of their project plans and drawings.
  • Plans can be printed from A4 to A0 in both colour and black and white at extremely competitive prices.
  • And there you have it! A whole host of services, all under the Consilium roof.